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Wednesday walkers at Deptford Creek - thanks to Philip J (sorry to Peter the Great whose head we cut off)

What a pretty sight

It's not always quite so nice

and it's not all hard work!

Northumberland holiday in May 2018, Thanks to John M, a fellow traveller

Welcome to the Bromley Ramblers Web site!

Please note that all the information on this site may be used and copied freely for the benefit of members of Bromley Ramblers but the photographs are the copyright of those who took them. You may copy them from the site for your own use and if you would like better quality copies please contact the photographer.

What are we about?

All our walks are now shown on the National Ramblers website complete with maps showing the start point.  Click The Ramblers link to give you our list of our walks on their site, click on the Brief Description of any that you are interested in, be amazed! They have spent a good deal of time and money making this a very informative and useful site.

Here in Kent we belong to the Kent Area of the Ramblers and we have a website that shows the activities of all the rambling groups in Kent affiliated to Ramblers.  If you are interested in what else goes on in Kent or want details of other Kent groups do take  look at the Kent Area website and specifically their news page.

All this looking at websites is all well and good but we are about getting you out walking with Bromley Ramblers.  It's good fun, it's exercise and it's supposed to be good for us.  If you have any interest at all why not come along to an easier, shorter (3-5 mile) walk and introduce yourself.  We will do our best to make you welcome.  Choose a dry day and all you really need is a pair of stout, comfortable boots, shoes or even trainers that you don't mind getting a bit muddy. If you click on the Walk Programme  link on the left you will see the walks we are going to do and click on Beginners for more details of what to expect. I promise there will be lots of people there, not just a few athletic women or potbellied men with beards and sandals!

The network of footpaths and bridleways that we walk developed over centuries linking hamlets, farms and fields to markets, churches and of course pubs!   If we didn't walk them they would eventually disappear and The Ramblers campaigns to keep them open. You get a completely different view of the countryside to the one get from inside a car.  We have well over 500 members and you will see that we walk all over South East England, although primarily in Kent and Sussex and Surrey.

If you don't have access to a car or don't want to drive every time, decide on a walk, email enquiries and we will endeavor to put you in touch with the walk leader who may know someone who is willing to give you a lift. The best way though is to get yourself to a walk, introduce yourself to the leader and he/she will ask around if there is anyone who lives near you who might be willing to car share

We also organise some social events throughout the year and arrange rambling holidays in the UK and abroad usually in conjunction with specialist travel companies.

Recent Additions      Recent Additions      Recent Additions     Recent Additions

  1. Details of the holiday to the Isle of Man  are on the Future Holidays page

  2. There are big changes afoot for Walk Leaders on how to add Walks to our Walk Programme that publishes in August..  See Members>Walk Input Form. Essentially we are converting to use the Ramblers excellent site..


Walk Programme Whoopsies!

One of the downsides of printing the Programme up to 4 months in advance is that things can change. Leaders knees give out, paths flood, car parks disappear and yes we do actually get things wrong sometimes.  We update this website and the Ramblers one but if you wish to be alerted to changes etc by email put your email address here.  If in doubt the website is always up to date.


Ramblers Walking Holidays & The Walking Partnership 

Nominate your club, explore the world with us and reap the rewards of The Walking Partnership


Bromley Ramblers are proud to be affiliated to the Walking Partnership. Support our group by booking walking holidays with Ramblers Walking Holidays or Adagio and nominate Bromley Ramblers when booking to ensure we receive vital funds

Bromley Ramblers is a member of The Walking Partnership. This partnership, supported by Ramblers Walking Holidays, provides direct financial contributions to local walking groups to help with organising group walks, encouraging people to get out walking, helping to clear and improve footpaths, providing equipment to help walkers etc. Over the past 65 years, Ramblers Walking Holidays has given many millions of pounds to assist walking charities and conservation projects in Britain and the countries they visit on their worldwide holidays. Now our group can benefit directly.

 Ramblers Walking Holidays operate group walking holidays in the UK and all around the world. Each holiday is accompanied by a qualified walks leader, so you can leave all the organising to them and just enjoy meeting likeminded people and of course, some fantastic walking. Holidays are graded in terms of difficulty, and there is a full range from sightseeing right up to hut-to-hut mountain treks. Take a look at their website on or give them a call on 01707 386804 for more details or to order a brochure.

When you book, please quote ‘Bromley Ramblers’ and we will then receive a contribution of £10 per person on UK holidays, £20 per person on short haul holidays, and £30 per person on long haul holidays.




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