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Footpath Matters

Would you like to become a Footpath Observer?
The post entails walking all the footpaths in a designated Area over the course of each year and reporting any problems to our Footpaths Officer and/or Bromley Council. Each Area equates roughly to a Ward in the Borough except Darwin which is split into three. If you would like to become a Footpath Observer for one of the Areas listed below or would like to know more about what is involved please contact us at enquiries

 We currently have vacancies for the following Areas:

'Orpington (13 paths, 2.4km); 

Biggin Hill (17 paths, 9.4km);

Leaves Green (Darwin W) (8 paths, 15.3km).

 Footpath Clearing.
From time to time we organise days for clearing overgrown or blocked footpaths. If you would like to be put on our email list for future dates please contact us at  enquiries

To report a problem on a footpath
You can use the website for the local authority in who's area the footpath is in.  Below are links to our nearest ones. On some websites, Kent for example, you zoom in on a map and click on where the problem is. This generates an exact location for the Rights of Way team. On others it is helpful to know the footpath number and grid reference. Photographs can also be useful. If you have problems with using the links you can contact us at enquiries and we will pass the information on.

London Borough of Bromley



East Sussex

West Sussex

Please also let me know so I can keep an eye on the matter. 

Philip Wall
Footpaths Officer, Bromley Group

The Big Pathwatch 

You should all have received details via email or in Walk magazine about The Big Pathwatch. It is not too late to take part. If you have not already registered go to to sign up and find out what it's all about and how you can help to protect and improve footpaths in Bromley and further afield.

Mid-week walks

A big thank you to Barbara Phelps who has kindly volunteered to co-ordinate mid-week walks on days other than a Wednesday. As a result, you will see from the walks programme that we have about a dozen walks (mainly on Tuesdays) of varying lengths and times of day to enjoy this summer.


Dogs & ground nesting birds

There has recently been comment in the media about dogs and the problems they may cause to ground nesting birds during the breeding season. The advice from the Ramblers is that dogs can be prohibited from areas where birds are ground nesting, and that walk leaders should explain this in advance in the walks programme by stating that a particular walk is “Not suitable for dogs” or “Dogs on leads please”. In fact, the Ramblers recommends that dogs are kept under close control at all times, and kept on a lead on roads, near livestock or sensitive wildlife, where the terrain requires careful footwork and wherever the law or other official regulations require it. If walk leaders discover that ground nesting birds may be an issue after the programme has been printed, please ensure that dog owners are aware at the start of the walk and that they take the necessary action. And, please clean up after your dog.

Walking holidays & Ramblers Insurance

As mentioned in the last programme, the Ramblers has now made it a requirement that for any walking holiday (or any walk involving an overnight stay) to be  covered by its civil liability insurance policy it has to be considered an official Ramblers walk, and therefore

• be approved by Group Committee (or Area if being organised by the Area);
• have an overall organiser who ideally is confident in the ability of Walk Leaders to lead each walk and who will vary the programme of walks if circumstances (e.g. weather) demand;
• have a designated Walk Leader for each walk, and ideally a backmarker who are both members; and 
• be publicised in advance.

t would therefore be helpful if anyone considering such an activity could contact Lawrie at an early stage of the planning at (preferably) enquiries., and he will ensure the committee deals with the request as quickly as possible.  See here for details of The Ramblers Insurance.

Social Secretary

We still have a vacancy for a Social Secretary to help plan & coordinate our social events and activities. We are not looking for a person to organise everything themselves, but someone who can get a group of people together to help arrange a quiz night or Group dinner, etc. Interested? Please contact Lawrie Smith or 020 8777 8206 for further information.

Freedom Passes

Those of us who are over 60 will be pleased to hear that Freedom Passes can be used on all "Transport for London" services twenty four hours a day with effect from 2nd January. Before you get too elated it appears that National Rail services are not included. Those of us in South London will not be able to travel to London early in the morning. Those in other parts of London will be able to use the underground to get to London twenty four hours a day.

Happy Birthday Bromley Ramblers

We have celebrated our 25th birthday and if you would like to know more about the origins of Bromley Ramblers Annie has researched it and produced a short history history

Walker friendly pubs

Royal Oak, Crockham Hill
A couple of years ago it was suggested to walk leaders that they should consider not using the Royal Oak at Crockham Hill for lunch as it was not particularly friendly towards ramblers.

The pub has since been bought from Shepherd Neame by The Westerham Brewery. The new owners have confirmed that .... "as Crockham Hill is home to one of the foremost writers of walking books we hope to restore the venue to its rightful place as a welcoming place for walkers and ramblers".

The Harrow in Knockholt.
Mike H tells us that he thought that our members would wish to know that there are new and friendly landlords at "The Harrow" who very much welcome walkers.

The Cock , Ide Hill
We were there on a Wednesday in Nov-10 and the new people were as nice as pie.  previously we have not been made welcome.

The Padwell pub in Stone Street (TQ569550)

Just dropping you a line on behalf of The Padwell pub in Stone Street (TQ569550) to let you know that the place is now under new ownership, and we'd very much like to welcome you in should you ever be passing through our neck of the woods (historic trackways, glorious countryside, orchards – we’ve got the whole rural Kent thing going on up here !)

If there's a few of you who might like to drop by, please feel free to give us a ring (01732) 761532 in advance, and we'll make sure that we have plenty of beer put by and prepare some suitable snacks. Don’t feel obliged to take advantage of our menu, though, you’re more than welcome to pop in, take a seat and eat your own food if you have any – no problem whatsoever.

We appreciate that our standard pub fare might not be ideal for walkers or outdoor sorts looking to burn a few calories, so if you have any ideas about suitable meals that we could make available, please let us know – sounds corny, but we’re here to give you what you want, so don’t hesitate to tell us what that might be.

What we'd really love is to get some dialogue going, and find out what you'd like the pub to provide for your group in the long term - we really want to become one of your preferred destinations or stop-off points, so please drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to make you feel really welcome, whether it’s a particular range of snacks or meals, boot waterproofing wax behind the bar, spare laces, a stiff brush hose for emergency dog cleaning or a bowl of hot water for aching feet !


I have recently been contacted by the new owner of Farleigh Golf Club, Old Farleigh Road, Nr Selsdon, CR6 9PE. They are happy for walking groups to use their car park and to use the Clubhouse for toilets and refreshments. You may wish to pass this information on to those who lead walks for your Groups as it could be a good starting point for walks. If you do plan to use this as a starting point, I suggest you let Marc Hayton know (01883 627711).

Discounts at Outdoor Clothing Stores

Ramblers have nationally negotiated a 10% discount with Cotwold  Outdoor. To obtain this you need to show your Ramblers membership  card. This applies to members of all Ramblers groups.

Bromley Ramblers however have negotiated a 15% discount. To obtain  this, you need to show your Ramblers membership card showing that you are a member of Bromley group and quote our account number which is B 2190. We were concerned that our 15% discount may in due course be replaced by the new Ramblers national 10% discount but apparently our extra discount will remain.

Not to be outdone  Millets, Blacks and Trespass (there's one in the Glades in Bromley) also given 10 % discount on production of your Membership card and so do Rohan (Covent Garden)..

Boot Covers

Several members have asked about boot covers (or overboots) for use when going into pubs, teashops, etc.  We have found that we have had a good service from Jackie Somers who makes these items herself under the name of the Houghwood Manufacturing Company.  She also makes other items such as gaiters and waterproof nylon sacs.  Items are manufactured and dispatched as a result of a phone call and you are trusted to send her a cheque.  Jackie can be contacted on 01744 894 435 or emailed at  You may like to mention Bromley Ramblers when you contact her. We offer this information as a service to members as a result of the good service received in the past.  They don't have a website so I have included a link to their old brochure here and here.  Please note that  Jackie is running down (her stocks) with a view to retirement but she is still supplying now. She has sent us a Price list and a Brief History  of the company showing what she still makes.  If anyone finds out that she has finally wound her last bobbin please tell me at  enquiries so we can remove this entry and leave her in peace.

Register of Walk Leaders

The Ramblers Association have asked that all walk leaders and walk coordinators complete an online form at, details are on page 18 of the current "Walk" magazine.  They wish to use this information to send all walk leaders a "Led Walks" newsletter covering issues which are relevant to walk leaders.  You are encouraged to register with the Ramblers Association but there is of course no compulsion to do so.  In parallel with this exercise we are compiling a register of email addresses and telephone numbers for all Bromley Group walk leaders.  It would be helpful if walk leaders could send this information to us at enquiries when they complete the RA online form

Volunteers for Short Sunday Walks

Do you have a favourite walk that you could share with fellow ramblers ?  Could you commit – perhaps just once a year – to leading a short local walk, perhaps with a friend or with another leader ?  Volunteers are urgently sought to help with short Sunday walks; no previous experience necessary, just a desire to “give back a little” and of course, to walk.  Any assistance that you require will be gladly given.  Jean P can be contacted on enquiries – and is looking forward to your email.

Walk Leaders

It would be very helpful, please, if all walk leaders, when submitting walk details to coordinators for the programme, could include a short description of the start point or directions to the car park, for those without O/S maps.  Could you also please provide the number of miles from Bromley North Station to the start of the walk (so that the voluntary passenger contribution can be calculated).  This will save coordinators a lot of time and ensure we get details correct in the programme.  There is a list of many of the car parks we use, their distance and passenger contribution here that should help. Many thanks.

Footpaths Officer

Philip Wall (one of our regular Wednesday walkers) has very kindly agreed to take on the role of Footpath Officer.  Many thanks Philip.  His contact details are on the inside front cover of this programme.  His role will be to protect public rights of way in the borough on behalf of the Ramblers' Association and to liaise with Bromley Council and landowners.  A team of ward based 'wardens' are already in place to help Philip and to ensure the footpaths of Bromley are available for everyone. Contact Philip at  enquiries

Email Address List

We do send  irregular emails to many people who walk with Bromley Ramblers with details of last minute changes to walks for example. It would be good to have the email addresses of more of our members so we can contact you at short notice, for example if a walk is snowed off.  Thus we would be grateful if you would go to the Members Page and follow the simple instructions to add yourself to the list. You can also remove yourself there at any time as well if you wish.


Another AGM has been and gone. The next is 16:30 on the 11-Nov-17 at Farnborough Village Hall. Refreshments at 16:00, possibly even cake! There will be a walk or two for those that want one beforehand. See programme for details

(If you're one of those strange people that likes to read reports of AGM's and committee meetings you are in for a treat because you can look at them all here). Knock yourself out!
AGM 2008
Annual Report 2010
Committee minutes 20.11.08
Committee minutes 24.02.09
Committee minutes 02.06.09
Committee minutes 14.09.09
Committee minutes 17.11.09
Committee minutes 22.02.10

Committee minutes 22.06.10
Committee minutes 22.09.10
Committee minutes 06.06.11
Committee minutes 20.09.11
Committee minutes 21.03.12
Committee minutes 04.10.12
Committee minutes 01.10.13
Committee minutes 10.03.14

Annual Report 2014
Committee minutes 23.09.15
Committee minutes 03.12.15

Please Note

Lawrie has included a guide on how best to use a compass and map  for you navigators as well as explaining what 'right of way' really means. It really works, especially the  "Using Map & Compass Together" part.




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