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Walk Photos 2018


To try to minimise the time it takes to load walk photos they have been separated out into individual walks.  Just click on the appropriate Link on the left.

I would love to include some pictures from Sat/Sun walks, particularly if they lower the average age of the Ramblers. Send them to webmaster and if you can reduce them to 100-250KB-ish (that's 640X480) first to make them easier to send so much the better.

Click the buttons on the left to see Photogalleries and  click on the photos to make them bigger. You will notice that I have change the way the photos are presented, mainly I have to say because age has caught up with our software and the old way no longer works.  I think this way looks better, what do you think? In time I will give the older ones the same treatment.

If anyone doesn't like their photo let me know and I will remove it.


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This page was last updated 21/06/18