Walk Input Form

Please discuss your proposed walk with the Coordinator as usual and decide upon a date.  Then use this form to enter the walk details for inclusion in the next Walk Programme.

Day of Week now worked out from the date
Date of walk (dd-mm-yyyy)  -'s are important   Note date must be dd-mm-yyyy. Not / or . or yy
Start Time (hh:mm) Note it has to be a colon :
Start town (e.g. Sevenoaks or Downe.)
Optional Line 2. e.g. Station, Church, Country Park, Common, CP
Grid Ref of Start (change if it's not TQ)
Post Code you can find out  here
(leave blank unless you're sure)
Meeting Point, directions and Car Parking.
Grade (E,M or S) and yes M/S if you must. (pretty much how long and hilly the walk is) Generally 10 miles or more consider M or S, 15 miles or more think about S
Walk Distance (to nearest mile or 1 decimal. place if you like in the case of shorter walks)
Theme Code (usually leave blank, it's a Ramblers website thing)
Long Description (the usual description in Programme) Put in Lunch at George and Dragon or whatever.


Family Friendly? (suitable for people with children)  (Y or blank)    Note capital
Walking for Health? (suitable for people trying to improve fitness) (Y or blank)    Note capital
Dogs Welcome? (Y, N or blank). N will say 'Registered Assistance Dogs Only Please'     Note capital
Car Free? (accessible by public transport) (Y or blank)     Note capital
Accessible Walk? ( for people using wheelchairs/pushing buggies) (Y or blank)     Note capital
Contact Name(s)
Contact Phone(s)   Put a space in the number 020 8464 1234
Contact Mobile on day
Add 'mobile on the day' if applicable.
Put a space in the number 07719 123456
Contact email, leave as is for spam's sake
PC (passenger contribution). Look  here for list (99.99) Note no sign just 3.40 or 0.80
For Sunday walks only, please suggest a suitable meeting time at BNS (hh:mm) Note this has been DISCONTINUED
For Sunday walks only, will the Leader be at BNS? (Y or leave blank) DISCONTINUED
Lastly try to think up a snappy short  Title for the Walk  that will attract people.  Like 'A walk in Winnie the Pooh country', 'Squerryes Court to Limpsfield Chart', 'Through the orchards to Cobham', 'See the Darling Buds of May country', 'A wander through Rural Petts Wood'.  Come on Sell It!
Are you willing to include your mobile number on websites (e.g. this one, Ramblers & KCC ) so that people can contact you if they have questions? (Y or blank)
Lastly for security please copy the letters (a-f) & numbers displayed here into the box on the right

Wait for it!  When you click 'Submit Walk' below you will get a confirmation page that repeats back what you have put in or an error if something is not quite right. If you do get an error use the top left corner Back button to go back and correct. You will need to re-input the security characters.
If does Confirm correctly but you later want to substantially change it, simply input another version, see TIP below. If it is only little changes just email the webmaster with the changes.. I always use the latest version for the Programme unless you tell me otherwise.

OK go for it!

 If you want to see what it might look like in the Programme simply go to the Walk Programme page, yours should be at the end.  Don't worry if it isn't quite right, it will be checked before printing.



TIP.  If you want to substantially amend an entry later, click on the Walk Programme and use cut and paste to re-enter the longer bits of text.  If it is just spelling or editorial don't worry we will sort it out when we come to produce the Printed Programme