Walk Input Form

Gone, Kaput, this is an Ex-Page!

The software used to create this website is getting old and fragile and has not been supported by Microsoft for several years. Every new version of Windows or Browsers sees something else not working properly and work arounds are getting more and more difficult. So the time has come to replace it starting with the Walk Input Form which has moved to the Ramblers site.

What does this mean for Walk Leaders?

It is all explained in this document I just want to add a walk (Contibutors) if you want to print it for reference or it is reproduced below.

Another document Walk Leaders (or should I say Contributors) might like to make a local copy of is one that contains the Start Point of almost every walk we have ever done together with their Map Ref, Post Code and Passenger Contribution. It is recommended that the PC is included at the end of the Start Point description in the form PC6.20 (No £ sign). It will save you being asked for it on your walk. Passenger Contribution can be found here.



I just want to add a walk (Contributors)

Walk Coordinator = Editor

Walk Leader = Contributor

In future you will be adding walks directly to the Ramblers site as a Contributor through something called Walk and events manager. This will also allow you to edit and even delete your walks. You can input walks on behalf of other Contributors, Save them as Draft and come back later. When satisfied you then Submit them to your Walk Coordinator (Editor) and he/she will Approve and Published them. If you want to change it subsequently you can and resubmit it again. There are many helpful guides on the link below but believe me Getting started for contributors is the one you want to start with.


Below is a simpler version which should be enough for our particular  purposes.


So what are the steps?

There are couple of preliminary setup steps.

1.    Get yourself a Login for the Ramblers site by Registering if you have not already done so by clicking on ‘Register’.

I would urge you to do this sooner rather than later as it has caused problems where people Registered a long time ago and have forgotten the details like password, Christian name or the email address they used at the time. In the next step Ramblers will check the details you supply to be a Contributor with those you provided when you Registered so they have to match. If you can login then you can go to 'My Account'>'Profile' and change the details you originally supplied to be more uptodate.

If you have problems you can try emailing Ramblers zendesk but a quicker way might be to ring their helpline on 020 7339 8595 as they seem to be able to sort things out very quickly.

2.    Get yourself  setup as an Contributor by emailing your Walk Coordinator by clicking on editors and including

a.     your name exactly as it appears in your Ramblers Profile. Check by logging in to ‘My Account’ and clicking on ‘My Profile’. Change the details to be current as Ramblers will check.

b.    the email address you used to log into the Ramblers site

c.    your membership number

Your Walk Coordinator will set you up and email you back confirming you are now a Contributor.

That done

1.    Login and click ‘My Account’ and click the big green button on the RHS ‘Group Walks and Events Manager’

2.    Now click ‘Add a Walk’ from the list on the RHS. Here under ‘Essentials’ tab you add the Date of the walk, its snappy Title and its Description just as you did before in our Long Description. Make sure the nearest town is in the Title.

3.    Under ‘Starting Point’ add the Map Ref, usually TQ something or other, which you will be able to refine using the map that appears. I thought it works out the post code but it is safer to add it using Passenger contribution link below. Under ‘Location details’ add how to get to the start point. This is what you would have normally put in our ’Meeting Point’  box. At the end of this I suggest you add the PC 1.80 or whatever (our passenger contribution) as there is no Ramblers equivalent place to put it. Don’t put a £ sign, it might frighten the horses!  Here is a link to a list of Start Point, Map refs and PC. Passenger contribution.

Leave 'Show exact starting point' ticked

4.    Add the ‘Start Time’.

5.    The ‘Add a Meeting Point’ part we do not use.  Fill in the ‘Key Details’ that are similar to our own.
‘Restriction’ leave as Public
‘Difficulty’. Use Easy, Leisurely, Moderate or Strenuous (look up definitions in Getting started for contributors)
‘Local Walk Grade’ leave blank
‘Distance’ in Miles to one dec. place if required
‘Estimate finish time’ is optional, it will work it out.

6.   Under ‘Contact Details’ start typing your name in the ‘look up contact’ box or just click on the little down arrow to see them all. This should bring up your details that I have painstakingly filled in! If you want to change yours then click edit. . Your only opportunity to add or change Contact details is whilst you are inputting or editing one of your Walks You cannot change the ‘Display Name’, conventionally first name + first letter of surname, but if you really want to change yours email me. If yours isn’t there than feel free to add one but please stick to the convention. ‘Display Name’ has to be unique (I’m Rambling Roy because there already was a Roy B). If you put in one like Pink Fluffy Rambler that you later regret, tough! Note that by choosing someone else’s Contact you can input/edit a Walk for them.
If we want telephone numbers in the printed version they have to also go on the web (so I suggest we stick to mobile numbers only). If you don’t provide at least a mobile number no one will be able to contact you on the day. Email address will not go on the web or print but it will be used to direct queries sent to Ramblers about your walk to you.

7.    Ignore ‘Strands’ and ‘Festivals’.

8.    Click ‘Save and Next Step’ to go to the ‘Further Details’ screen
Ignore all except ‘Walk classification’ although even this is not essential.

9.    You can ‘Preview’ what it will look like and then click ‘Save’ to Draft or ‘Save and Submit’. In the latter case the walk goes to ‘Awaiting Approval’ by your Walk Coordinator (Editor) who receives an email about it but you can still make changes. If you do it will go back to ‘Draft’ until you resubmit it. Once your Walk Coordinator (Editor) has Published your walk it can still be changed, it’s just a bit more complicated. See Getting started for contributors.

10. Simples!


Seriously this process is different, a bit more bureaucratic perhaps and will take a bit of getting used to but it will be better in the long run. On the bright side you don’t need to decipher a security code!


Printing the current programme

Incidentally the Ramblers site allows you to print all the published walks as follows

  1. Login to ramblers.co.uk
  2. Click ‘My Account’ and ‘Group walks and events manager’
  3. Click on ‘Create a printed programme’, select the date range you are interested in or leave it as it is for everything,  click 'Search'
  4. At the bottom of the walk list click ‘Select All’ and the ‘Text’ button
  5. Click ‘Create RTF Programme’ and Save it (in downloads) and ‘Open folder’ using Word
  6. Print as usual


RB 04/07/18